This was just 4 years ago if these 2 were relevant

This was just 4 years ago if these 2 were relevant


This happens during crater events. Someone will say something governmental and either tele off or remain quiet and everybody carries on for osrs gold paypal ages. I had fun with a man that tried to bible thump individuals, he was chased thumped himself. I get the feeling a great deal of individuals want to discuss politics, but don't wish to be that man who begins the argument. This was just 4 years ago if these 2 were relevant. Didnt LRC die longggg before then? LRC hasnt been popular since like 7 years ago.Off the very top of my mind, rocktails were the best food that could easily be accumulated, and I believe it was the ideal method to train Mining in the event that you wanted coal or stone, for DIY players or ironmen, as well as being the best XP/hour if you didn't have access to Prifddinas.

I could be remembering wrong; the LRC audience mainly moved into Trahaearn runite ore. As AFK, just like toxic, but I think even that's died because the rework. Yea, once waterfall fishing became something, there wasn't any demand for lrc. Same with warbands and seren stones. If rocktails still made decent money I figure. But I could just be recalling the time/place incorrect.

They dont. Wintertodt is where you can train FM fast and get rewards. Many accounts like irons rush there since the damage you take training scales to your HP. Cakes are easier than state bees or rocktails to get. You can get rewards worth countless gold and just a phoenix pet. So I might be wrong slightly, I dont play OSRS, but they have content creators so thats what I see. You are pretty close to true. It's"best" for a new ironman on osrs to rush 50 firemaking then do 99 in Wintertodt before touching any additional content (or at least before training HP).

Just for a food efficacy perspective as you can readily get wines, stews, and cakes as an IM which are for healing at low HP, far more than enough. It is worse for benefits since rewards scale along with your levels from the skills. Honestly anybody within this reddit who is willing to teach and help an rs3 noob because it is significantly different than when I played the beta back in the day like I stop when they introduced the new battle style, I am super confused asf induce theirs so much more shit today and weirder ways to acquire xp quicker and money making makes no sense cause what sells insanely well vs osrs.Message me I'll answer any questions you have. I play osrs and rs3 but play with my main. I teach you how to get into mid level pvm and could take you on some excursions that are gwd2.

Rs3 I'm just confused as to what new ways or methods I can use to quickly accelerate certain stats and skills, and I am confused on how to level up these new abilities they introduced, I've never completed bossing in general on osrs reason I liked questing more so that I probably killed mini managers at most through questing, I also don't understand what armies are good in rs3 for levels since theirs so much new armor, my personalities becoming near level 50 I don't play rs3 up to osrs but been trying to get to rs3 as my friend's one of the wealthiest rs3 players and he needs me to go bossing with him and perform raids with him.If you're that low of a degree, you need to do slayer. Slayer till lvl 60 on buy rsgp paypal your battle style. Barrows is good xp and money. Barrows can get you and then you may go bossing along with other individuals when you're leeching.